Meet the Cats!

The HepCats perform Swing, Rock, Jazz, Country, and Rockabilly classics in the central PA and Maryland area. If you like artists like Carl Perkins, Stray Cats, Janis Martin, Rosie Flores, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Little Rachel, or Brian Setzer, chances are you’ll like The HepCats too!

Who are the Cats?

"Smokin' J"

“Smokin’ J”

Jason Leppo: Legend has it that “Smokin’ J” was born in the back of a guitar shop somewhere in the mid Atlantic area in 1970. He blazed a trail in his teens as a founding member of the powerful Baltimore underground alt-rock band Jade, before taking his music around the world and back when living and traveling through Asia in his 20’s. He has spent the last decade paying dues and honing his craft on the Blues, Swing, Hillbilly Jazz and red hot and blue Rock & Roll! Sharing the lead vocals with his mojo working on his guitar, this is one “Smokin’ J” you won’t want to pass on!


Roger Starliper

Roger Starliper

Roger Starliper: Roger grew up in West Virginia in a family of musicians. His mother and aunt were backup singers to the incomparable Patsy Cline in her early years. A musician himself from youth, Roger has been a member of the bands “Canyon River” and “Branded” who opened for the largest Nashville acts like Marty Stuart, Tammy Wynette, Ronnie Milsap, Trisha Yearwood, and many more.



Mike Williams

Mike Williams

Mike Williams: “We come from show people” is a family mantra. Steeped from childhood in roots music, honky-tonk and live performances, Mike has grown up with an instrument in his hand. Always a rhythm section kinda guy, Mike plays acoustic guitar and the bull fiddle. Obsessed? Maybe. Manly mustache? In spades. Good times? You betchya!

Deb Williams

Deb Williams

Deb Williams: Singing is a passion for Deb. Her family says she sang long before she spoke. Classical training in choirs of all shapes and sizes, lead singer in several bands, Deb brings a richness to every song she does. Interesting facts: Deb sang the National Anthem at the 2012 York Bike Nite and she is married to the guy with the ridiculous mustache!



Dave Gorozdos

Dave Gorozdos

Dave Gorozdos started his music career at age 5 with accordion lessons when he was barely able to see over the top of the instrument. He quickly moved on to classical piano training, then started his first band, ‘The Asian Flu’, in the 6th grade. He performs regularly and has recorded with several local artists including Big Wide Open, Retro Deluxe, Layers, Joy Bodycomb Band, Tim Rose, Fast Eddie and the Slowpokes, Capital Blues Ensemble, Blues Condition, Old School, Nobody Big and the Flying Kajonskis. Dave’s piano playing and vocals provide a texture that rounds out The HepCats distinctive sound.


One thought on “Home

  1. Fabulous list of talented musicians and singers. They each read like a whose who, with each individual having a very rich background in music and entertaining. All I can say is these musicians found each other, and formed one great sound. The HepCats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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