York Bike Night 2015


York Bike Night 2015 was a blast!

We would like to thank York City Special Events, our sponsors, Stambaugh Law and First Energy Foundation, Mary Yeaple, and the biker community for welcoming us last night!

Check out our Photos and see a few pics from the Judicial Center steps.

Stay Hep!


Spot the Cats!

Have you seen this truck?

Have you seen this truck?

To enter…

  1. SPOT The HepCats’ truck out and about
  2. SNAP a picture of The HepCats’ truck
  3. SHARE that picture on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/TheHepCatsPA) or tweet your picture @TheHepCats.

How it works…

When you share a picture of The HepCats’ truck as listed above, your name will be entered in a drawing! At the swing dances where we are playing in 2015, we will draw a name from those collected. If you are at the dance and your name is drawn, we will pay for your cover to the dance! If your name isn’t drawn, don’t worry. Your name will stay in the drawing for the entire year.

Fine Print…

There is always fine print. Pictures taken the night of the dance do not count. Each picture must be an original (no sharing the same picture with friends for posting). Only one cover per person. Please drive safely and don’t take pictures while driving (our picture was taken by the passenger). This is for FUN and is not a legally binding offer. Cheats and scams simply won’t be honored. Let’s keep this real.

Wondering how the truck came to be?

Before the paint job

Before the paint job

The truck, belonging to Mike, was not quite this pretty when he bought it. It needed a lot of work, and a paint job. Mike wasted no time in realizing that the truck could be used to advertise for the band! But how? The paint job of course!

Ramon Trevino, a truly great guy and a graffiti ¬†artist, was hired to give the truck a paint job worthy of The HepCats. And boy, did he deliver! To see more of Ramon’s work visit redgraff.com

Lingle’s Fish Fry a Huge Success!

We had a great time September 12th at the party on the mountain! We love that crowd! Despite the rain, everyone was pumped full of energy! It was great to see so many people dancing and enjoying the music! They even let us stay a little longer so we could play a few more songs! Jason enjoyed showing off his awesome guitar skills, and everyone enjoyed seeing everyone dancing for the last couple songs!

Hello World!

We’re so glad you found us! We’re the HepCats, and we play rockabilly music from the 40’s and 50’s! If you like Carl Perkins, Nat King Cole, Janis Martin, Stray Cats, Johnny Cash, Sinatra, or Elvis Presley, chances are, you’ll love us!