What is a “hepcat”?

Hepcat is a term used primarily in the 50’s to describe a person who is really cool. The term “hep” refers to the term “hip” and “cat” refers to the person.

What kind of music do The HepCats play?

The HepCats play swing, rock, jazz, country, and rockabilly music from artists such as Carl Perkins, Stray Cats, Janis Martin, Rosie Flores, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Little Rachel, Brian Setzer, and many more!

How did the HepCats meet?

Only two of the cats actually knew each other prior to the band (Mike and Deb Williams have been married for 23 years!). The rest of the members were found through an online “band dating” site called BandMix.

Can The HepCats play at my next event?

Of course! To contact the band about playing at your event, email them at thehepcats@comcast.net. Or find them on Facebook (Facebook.com/thehepcatspa).

How does Mike get his mustache to curl?

Contrary to popular belief, Mike does not use any form of wax to curl his mustache. Instead, he gets it wet, and then blows it dry with a hair dryer, and uses a cool shot while holding it in a curl to get the curl to hold on its own.

Bonus answer: If you ask Mike how he does it, he’ll tell you he shaves it every night and “man’s” it out the next morning!